Core Medical Products

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Medical Benefit Plans

Medical Benefit plans are an alternative to traditional insurance plans. MBP's give you a set amount of coverage for day to day items, such as Dr. visits. MBP's are also much lower cost than most alternative options. Ask your agent if this plan is right for you. 

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Short Term Medical

Short Term Medical Plans are very popular due to NEW extended coverage timelines, they are similar to traditional plans, and they have a wide variety of supplements you can add to increase coverage! Ask your agent if a Short Term Medical plan is right for you. 


Marketplace Plans

Marketplace options or OBAMACARE may fit you or your families' specific situation. There are requirements to qualify for an Obamacare plan, depending on the time of year. Ask your agent if an Obamacare plan is right for you. 

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Medicare Options

Medicare plans are for disabled people under the age of 65, or Senior citizens who are turning 65 or older. Depending on when you apply, a Supplement or Advantage plan may be your best alternative. Ask your agent which option is right for you. 

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